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The Healthy Mom’s Guide to Baby Strollers and Car Seats

Posted by admin on September 15, 2015

babytransitHealthy mom equals a healthy baby. A lot of parents gravitate towards a healthy lifestyle, especially when they have a baby. They stop smoking and drinking. They eat healthy foods while some even become vegetarians. They know that this vegan lifestyle will benefit their baby.

Aside from the food concern, another common concern for mothers is the safety of their baby. This applies for every activity in any place. Travelling or moving around with a baby can be dangerous without the right equipment. So, one of the choices new parents have to make is to decide whether to buy or not to buy a stroller. Most parents though prefer to buy a quality stroller in order to transport their baby safely and more efficiently.

Here are some recommendations that you can look into for the best strollers and car seats around:

Maclaren Quest Sport – if you want fuss-free, simple, and no hassle this is the one for you. It’s as sturdy and lightweight as they can all be. It might be light, but the build won’t leave you disappointed. This strollers opens up by itself, and it will be all worth it at a price of $225.

UPPAbaby G-LiTE – on a tight budget, no need to worry. We found this one just right for you. It only weighs around 8.5 pounds. When it’s folded, it’s on a standing position, with it’s mesh seat, your baby will be very cool and little to no hassle in cleaning. But if you are looking for warmth and extra comfort, it comes with a cushioned seat. Before I forget, it’s only for $100.

BOB Revolution 12″ AW – are you a mom-on-the-go? Like a healthy living athlete mother and you want to share the experience it with your baby? Well, then this is going to be perfect for you. This shows that you don’t need bike-sized tires for a bump-less jog. Tight corners? No problem, its all because of this awesome feature of a swiveling front wheel that you can always lock so you can blast through some uneven terrain. This is going to be a great stroller for all of you active moms out there. You can get it a price of $379.

Inglesina Zippy – now if you are a multitasking kind of a mother, folding this stroller won’t even take both of your hands to do it and after that, it can stand on it’s own. So you won’t have to lay your baby down after taking him or her out of the stroller since you can do all of that in one fluid motion. If you are the fashionable type, the color combination of this stroller comes straight from Italy, and the high seat will make your baby that they’re on top of everything. The removable cup holder can take your baby’s sippy cup or your latte when you are out and about.

Clek Foonf – if you are looking to splurge some money for your baby’s car seat, well, look no further.  There are other travel systems you can check out. These are strollers that can be converted into car seats.

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