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How to Relieve Jaw Pain on the Right Side with Diet Changes

Posted by admin on April 14, 2014

jawpainimageMany people experience pain in their jaw, either as a chronic condition or related to other factors. The causes of the pain can vary and some individuals may find that they experience jaw pain on one side only. The treatment options also vary depending on the causation, but one thing that can help at least to some extent with many painful situations is to consider carefully what the person suffering from the pain is eating. An effective method of pain relief can be changing to a soft food diet.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

Pain in right side of the jaw can be due to malfunctions of thetemporomandibular joint (TMJ). This hinge joint can become inflamed and irritated, often due to gum chewing and chewing on hard objects such as breath mints and hard candies. When pain in the right jaw presents because of this, effective treatment relies upon a soft, chewable diet. Refraining from chewing gum and crunching on hard foods will reduce flare ups. For more information here are some great solutions for jaw pain on one side.


When an accident occurs that involves the head the jaw can be badly bruised, dislocated or even broken. Occasionally surgery to the jaw for a number of conditions mimics a trauma. Chewing can be extremely painful. Even with the use of pain and inflammation reducers the pain radiating through the right jaw may indicate a change in diet to include only soft foods. Occasionally the sufferer may need to be on a liquid diet for a time before easy to chew foods can added.


Jaw pain can come from a source few people identify on their own. During sleep they may grind and clench their teeth, tapping and grinding with a lot of tension in the jaw. Treatments include stress management and appliances a dentist can prescribe for night use. The pain can be managed in part by switching to a menu of easily chewed food.

Jaw Arthritis

Joints of the body that receive constant use are always at risk of developing arthritis. Inadditionto seeing a physician for other treatment options, changing to a softer diet will provide comfort and better nutrition.

Dental Problems

Amyriadof reasons can cause jaw pain on one side or the other ranging fromabscesses to gum problems to broken teeth. The pain these conditions cause can be quite debilitating, and while waiting for conventional dental treatment to resolve the problems nutritious meals of liquid and soft foods will be the best tolerated.

Trigeminal Neruralgia

A severely debilitating condition traced to irritation of or trauma to the facial nerves can cause significant pain on the right side of the face and jaw. While medication can be effective, surgery can be indicated in extreme cases. Proper nutrition while managing this acute condition is key, and well tolerated foods will be soft and easy to chew and swallow.

Sinus Problems

Chronic inflammation and infection in the maxillary sinuses can make a person miserable in many ways including irritating the right jaw. The congestion is immediately above the jaw and causes pressure and the pain from the infection radiates into the jaw. During treatment iscriticalto eat well. Concentrating on a diet stressing softer foods will help overall health and pain relief while the sinus condition is managed.



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