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Living with Plantar Fasciitis: Improve your Quality of Life with Better Shoes

Posted by admin on June 8, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition where the heels of your feet experience an incredible amount of pain. In a medical sense, it’s the inflammation of the plantar fascia which comes about when the ligaments suffer microscopic tears where it joins the heel bone, or along the ligament itself. With incorrect foot mechanics, force on the plantar fascia during walking and the shift of the body weight and the over-utilization from one foot to another can tear the fascia and hence develop microscopic tears. This is a painful and stubborn condition and serious cases usually lead to ruptures in the ligament.

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are those that are designed to properly and evenly space the pressure on your foot. This is because people who suffer from this condition usually experience pain in certain pressure points of the foot. Reducing the pressure on these points eliminates some of the pain. It’s imperative to note that shoes are only a temporary crutch until you one resolves the condition. People are not aware of the condition especially regarding therapy, and the truth is, the condition can be resolved in a matter of days. Shoes are known to be the most effective means of treating these problems.

Wearing good shoes all the time is important in treating and avoiding plantar fasciitis. Wearing shoes that have been badly fitted will lead to this condition. Always avoid wearing flip-flops or walking barefoot since the heels do not have cushioning, and this is known to damage plantar fascia. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis should have no or minimal heels, padded arch support and well cushioned sole. Shoes that have improved cushioning greatly reduce the strain on the heel bone and along the foot and exercises are lowered by large amounts thereby preventing plantar fasciitis.

If one cannot find the best plantar fasciitis shoes which will suit them best, one may consider getting insoles that are designed to support the arch of the foot. Special shoes rarely have a design that suits all people and that is why many people choose to use the insole route. One is also advised to follow a good program that will permanently resolve the condition. A good program allows the body to resolve the condition on its own. Symptom relieving medications is always the wrong approach in resolving this condition.

Some plantar fasciitis shoes are designed with a built-in structural support around the heel in order to protect it from additional damage. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will greatly depend on what you are looking for. These include special walking, running and even dress shoes. There are corrective shoes for any occasion. One should not worry how the shoes look like. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will also depend on your specific foot type. One can find a variety of plantar fasciitis shoes online to match their taste and preference.

Early diagnosis is necessary for healing plantar fasciitis. If treatment is delayed, one can take up to 18 months for to be fully healed. Thankfully, most cases need non-surgical treatments.

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