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Gluten-Free Alternatives for Traditional Grains

Posted by admin on August 27, 2013

Many claim that following a gluten-free diet provides them a lot of benefits and makes them feel better.  However, this new trend in the health industry also has some downsides as well due to certain nutrients that this particular diet lacks.

One way of working around this is to educate yourself about substitutes for certain foods so that your body still gets the right stock of nutrients it needs. In this article, we enumerate alternatives for traditional grains such as rye, barley and wheat.

  • Amaranth- a good source of protein, this grain alternative has a nutty flavor and a pleasant peppery taste.

  • Arrowrrot- this is a good alternative to cornstarch because of its similar texture and look.

  • Job’s Tears- this is a tall, tropical plant that produces a gluten-free grain that can be cooked and dried to act as a substitute for rice, barley, or grain.

  • Mesquite- a type of plant that produces bean pods which when dried can be ground and used as flour substitute. It has a sweet and nutty taste with a small hint of molasses on its flavor.

  • Quinoa- this fruit is often used to create pastas and flours.

  • Sorghum- also called milo, this is a gluten-free insoluble fiber with a light color and bland flavor. Due to this, it does not affect the look or taste of foods when used as a cooking substitute for flour.

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