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7 Easy Ways to Stay Out of the Chiropractors Office

Posted by admin on July 5, 2014

chiropractor services in columbus ohioA chiropractor is an important health figure in a lot of people’s lives. Chiropractors are skilled medical professionals, mainly dealing with muscle pain complaints and can massage joints. They are also proficient dealing with issues pertaining to the spine.


When you are looking for a chiropractor, you need to search all available avenues to locate the right one. However, there are other steps that you can take in the comfort of your own home. They will benefit you in the long run as a lot of the tips that follow are applicable to other areas of your life. We have some advice for you from Riverside Family Chiropractic in Columbus, Ohio.


These tips can help alleviate any symptoms that you may be experiencing:


1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is well-renowned advice but it is certainly a valuable health tip. Water is a natural medicine and keeps the body hydrated and in good working order. It can flush the toxins out of the body and keep posture and muscles regular.


2. Utilize your legs when lifting objects, desist from using your back muscles where you can and this should prevent back pain for the main part. It should also assist with your posture in general and keep you upright and not cause your joints any pain.


3. Exercise for 20-30 minutes for 3 or 4 times a week. This will help keep all of your joints lubricated and your body fighting fit and in good working order.


4. Try not to sleep on your stomach. This is an undesirable position, which is not conducive for comfort. Sleeping on your back or side may be more helpful. Your hands and arms should not be under your neck or head as this may cause cramp and other unnecessary pain. It will also cause harm to the neck, which is not something you want to happen.


5. Practice your posture at regular intervals. The correct posture is shoulders back, stomach in and neck and back bolt upright.


6. Do a fairly vigorous stretching routine. This can keep the joints supple and in working order.


7. Make an effort to not recline in deep couches or soft chairs. Sitting in these can be an irritant to the ankles and back. One thing to help you relax is keeping your knees crossed at the ankles, which can soothe your back.


If you follow the advice above, your overall health is likely to improve quite a bit and hopefully you can even stay out of the chiropractor’s office all together. If you are still having issues after following this guidance, get hold of your local chiropractor and arrange to see them.


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The Healthy Mom’s Guide to Baby Strollers and Car Seats

Posted by admin on September 15, 2015

babytransitHealthy mom equals a healthy baby. A lot of parents gravitate towards a healthy lifestyle, especially when they have a baby. They stop smoking and drinking. They eat healthy foods while some even become vegetarians. They know that this vegan lifestyle will benefit their baby.

Aside from the food concern, another common concern for mothers is the safety of their baby. This applies for every activity in any place. Travelling or moving around with a baby can be dangerous without the right equipment. So, one of the choices new parents have to make is to decide whether to buy or not to buy a stroller. Most parents though prefer to buy a quality stroller in order to transport their baby safely and more efficiently.

Here are some recommendations that you can look into for the best strollers and car seats around:

Maclaren Quest Sport – if you want fuss-free, simple, and no hassle this is the one for you. It’s as sturdy and lightweight as they can all be. It might be light, but the build won’t leave you disappointed. This strollers opens up by itself, and it will be all worth it at a price of $225.

UPPAbaby G-LiTE – on a tight budget, no need to worry. We found this one just right for you. It only weighs around 8.5 pounds. When it’s folded, it’s on a standing position, with it’s mesh seat, your baby will be very cool and little to no hassle in cleaning. But if you are looking for warmth and extra comfort, it comes with a cushioned seat. Before I forget, it’s only for $100.

BOB Revolution 12″ AW – are you a mom-on-the-go? Like a healthy living athlete mother and you want to share the experience it with your baby? Well, then this is going to be perfect for you. This shows that you don’t need bike-sized tires for a bump-less jog. Tight corners? No problem, its all because of this awesome feature of a swiveling front wheel that you can always lock so you can blast through some uneven terrain. This is going to be a great stroller for all of you active moms out there. You can get it a price of $379.

Inglesina Zippy – now if you are a multitasking kind of a mother, folding this stroller won’t even take both of your hands to do it and after that, it can stand on it’s own. So you won’t have to lay your baby down after taking him or her out of the stroller since you can do all of that in one fluid motion. If you are the fashionable type, the color combination of this stroller comes straight from Italy, and the high seat will make your baby that they’re on top of everything. The removable cup holder can take your baby’s sippy cup or your latte when you are out and about.

Clek Foonf – if you are looking to splurge some money for your baby’s car seat, well, look no further.  There are other travel systems you can check out. These are strollers that can be converted into car seats.

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GM diet in a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Posted by admin on June 22, 2014

You don’t have to live on a farm or in a rural area to enjoy the benefits and rewards of living an eco-friendly, sustainable, and green lifestyle. For the past decade or so, people have decided to toss aside their store-dominated lifestyle and reduce their use of Earth’s natural resources. Most of the people who are choosing this alternative lifestyle live in the city and suburbs, and have chosen to not rely on store bought goods as much. However, you may be asking yourself this question: How do I live a green and sustainable lifestyle in the city or suburbs? How can I start to move away from consumerism? In this article, we will give you tips and advice on healthy living, as well as guide you through making the transition from consumerism to sustainable living.

What Exactly Is Sustainable And Green Living?

Before we start, you’re probably wondering what exactly sustainable and green living is. Sustainable living involves reducing your intake of natural resources and causing the least amount of environmental harm. The idea of sustainable living can be applied to almost every aspect of your daily life. There are many parts involved with living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, and it can affect how and where you live, what kind of food you eat, how much energy you consume, and what kind of things you buy.

Applying Green Living in Your Diet

GM diet involves a regimen of fruits and vegetables. It follows a food plan that has specific foods you can eat each day. It’s a 7 day program that is said to have great weight-loss results. If you’re wondering whether this diet can work for people who are allergic to gluten, it might be. Except for the brown rice listed on the 7th day of the GM diet, all the other foods in this diet can be eaten by someone who is strictly following a gluten free lifestyle. The rice for the last day of the GM diet can easily be altered or replaced without making a big difference to the overall weight loss program.

The GM diet can be done by anyone following a gluten free diet. There’s more to know about the GM diet and this information can easily be found from reputable sources.

Is Sustainable And Green Living The Right Choice For You?

Choosing to go green is a major decision to make, and requires quite a bit of careful planning. However, it will settle well on your conscious. You are not only helping to preserve the environment, but you yourself are choosing to live in a more healthy and meaningful way. Your contributions to the environment will benefit you in the present time, and will benefit others in the future

If you are someone who doesn’t mind cutting back on shopping at food stores, or who doesn’t mind trading a healthy vegetarian meal for preprocessed fast food, then sustainable living is right for you. If you want to make a positive change on Earth, you can start by living green. Find out what other people are saying about the GM diet by reading this review.

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What You Should Know About Portable Air Conditioners

Posted by admin on June 15, 2014

Portable air conditioners have a surprising amount of utility that many customers will enjoy. People will want to test out these devices for themselves and learn more about the unique options that they have. The smallest portable air conditioner could be used to help people build up a substantial amount of support for themselves. It could be used to cool off remote work sites, construction areas or even the interior of vehicles. Customers will invariably want to understand more information about how they can purchase the smallest portable air conditioner. Reviewing some of these brands will be the perfect means of evaluating some of the equipment that people can use as well.

First, some customers will want to understand more about how they can use the smallest portable air conditioner for their project. Honeywell is a brand that has already drawn in a fair amount of attention from customers around the world. This is thanks to the fact that the air conditioner units themselves are mounted on a set of wheels that can be transported from location to location. This will be an invaluable resource for people who want to get the units to a new set up in just a short amount of time. The sheer convenience of these air conditioners has made them one of the most popular brands that people can find along the way.

Brands that make portable air conditioners


Frigidaire is another excellent brand that people may want to consider for themselves. It does have a 5000 BTU output range, which will add to the overall effectiveness that people will want to consider. Some people will want to think about whether they can use the device to produce the BTU range that they want to try out for themselves. Frigidaire has also developed a reputation for long lasting devices, which will undoubtedly appeal to the sensibilities of many people out on the market. Customers will appreciate the opportunity to understand more about the unique features of the air conditioner under this brand.


EdgeStar has set itself apart because it does have one of the smallest carbon footprints of any model available to customers. It is a highly energy efficient model, which will tend to appeal to the sensibilities of people out there. It will still operate at 10,000 BTUs, which is an impressive aspect of these air conditioning models. They will still feature a relatively compact design, which will undoubtedly add to their overall utility in a few simple ways as well.

Ice Qube

The smallest portable air conditioner model is likely put out by Ice Qube. This device has quickly established itself as one of the premier models that people can test out for themselves. Ice Qube has quickly maintained a higher level of performance, adding to the overall utility offered by these devices. Small air conditioner advantages may not be as many but they do serve a purpose. Customers can count on the device to rival many of its competitor models out on the market. But it does have a small enough size that will enable it simply to sit on a counter top area. This means that it will fit it perfectly within an office setting or other area with a limited amount of space.

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Shopping Tips for Finding Your Kind of Juicer

Posted by admin on June 12, 2014

Juicing is a way of taking out the most important nutrients from raw fruit, vegetables, berries, wheat grass just to mention a few. Majority of people are now embracing raw food lifestyle since it comes in hand with a healthy living. This is because the concentrated juice is directly absorbed in the body enhancing energy and vitality. When buying a juicer they are several points to consider so that you can make an informed choice. Below is a shopping guide for the best juicer for people who want to try juicing diet.

Consider the type of juicer: They are different types of juicer that are specifically meant for a certain type of fruit or vegetables to use. They include wheatgrass, citrus juicer and they are others which have multiple purposes like the Centrifugal, Masticating, Triturating (twin gear) For instance the citrus juicer is manufactured for the purposes of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes.

How much money you want to spend: Considering the budget is important so that you can be able to stick to the available resources. The different types of juicer vary in terms of cost.

How efficient is it in terms of preserving the nutrients after juicing: It is very vital to consider this since some when used preserve the nutrients longer than others depending on the amount of time left in the flask.

Is it easy to use and clean?: It will be crucial to purchase a juicer that is easy to clean so that it saves your time in the kitchen and also it is wise to consider juicers that are easy and not complicated to use.

Durability: It is significant to consider how long the motor and moving parts will last since you wouldn’t want to purchase one after another within a short period.

The efficiency of juicer in terms of juicing: It is vital to take into account the competence of the juicer so that you can get better results. It’s a good diet to try as well if you’re in to gluten free diets.

They are different types of juicer in the market and these include:

Centrifugal juicer

It grinds both fruits and vegetables and pushes the extracted juicer through the strainer.The pulp produced is ejected from the back. Breville Juicer Products are known to be good centrifugal juicers.


-Easy to use and clean

-They are cheap

-They can almost juice anything except bananas, leafy vegetables and avocado


-They produce less juice and low quality

-During juicing it produces a lot of heat and oxidizes the juice therefore one has to consume immediately

-It creates slight noise since the motor has to move at high speed.

Masticating juicer

They juice a variety of fruits and vegetables and most cases wheat grass. It crashes the fibers of the content being juiced and breaks the cell in a slow rotating motion. It is best suited for a majority of vegetables and greens. An example of a masticating juicer is the Omega VRT350 Slow-speed Juicer.


-High juice content

-Better quality juice produced and nutrition level of the juice it last a longer time.


-It is expensive

-It is slow since the feeding chutes are smaller

Triturating (twin gear) juicer

It has two processes to be undertaken while juicing that is the first step it crushes the vegetables and fruits and then presses the juice. This best suited for serious juicers which are keen in quality. A highly recommended triturating juicer is the Super Angel Juicer Model 5500.


-excellent juice quality

-It has a top build quality

-It is quiet


-It is expensive

-Not good at juicing pineapple

-It is slow and it will take some time to produce juice

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Living with Plantar Fasciitis: Improve your Quality of Life with Better Shoes

Posted by admin on June 8, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful condition where the heels of your feet experience an incredible amount of pain. In a medical sense, it’s the inflammation of the plantar fascia which comes about when the ligaments suffer microscopic tears where it joins the heel bone, or along the ligament itself. With incorrect foot mechanics, force on the plantar fascia during walking and the shift of the body weight and the over-utilization from one foot to another can tear the fascia and hence develop microscopic tears. This is a painful and stubborn condition and serious cases usually lead to ruptures in the ligament.

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are those that are designed to properly and evenly space the pressure on your foot. This is because people who suffer from this condition usually experience pain in certain pressure points of the foot. Reducing the pressure on these points eliminates some of the pain. It’s imperative to note that shoes are only a temporary crutch until you one resolves the condition. People are not aware of the condition especially regarding therapy, and the truth is, the condition can be resolved in a matter of days. Shoes are known to be the most effective means of treating these problems.

Wearing good shoes all the time is important in treating and avoiding plantar fasciitis. Wearing shoes that have been badly fitted will lead to this condition. Always avoid wearing flip-flops or walking barefoot since the heels do not have cushioning, and this is known to damage plantar fascia. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis should have no or minimal heels, padded arch support and well cushioned sole. Shoes that have improved cushioning greatly reduce the strain on the heel bone and along the foot and exercises are lowered by large amounts thereby preventing plantar fasciitis.

If one cannot find the best plantar fasciitis shoes which will suit them best, one may consider getting insoles that are designed to support the arch of the foot. Special shoes rarely have a design that suits all people and that is why many people choose to use the insole route. One is also advised to follow a good program that will permanently resolve the condition. A good program allows the body to resolve the condition on its own. Symptom relieving medications is always the wrong approach in resolving this condition.

Some plantar fasciitis shoes are designed with a built-in structural support around the heel in order to protect it from additional damage. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will greatly depend on what you are looking for. These include special walking, running and even dress shoes. There are corrective shoes for any occasion. One should not worry how the shoes look like. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will also depend on your specific foot type. One can find a variety of plantar fasciitis shoes online to match their taste and preference.

Early diagnosis is necessary for healing plantar fasciitis. If treatment is delayed, one can take up to 18 months for to be fully healed. Thankfully, most cases need non-surgical treatments.

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Finding a Wedding Photographer in Essex County, NJ – My Review

Posted by admin on May 5, 2014

There are hundreds of professional photographers presently offering their services. Choosing a good photographer can be difficult for couples who are engaged. Some photographers are only interested in covering multiple weddings during the same day. This can hinder them from doing a good job. Many others are too expensive!

You should visit Rick’s site if you are having difficulty in finding a reliable wedding photographer in essex county, new jersey. My fiance and I spend at least five hours of our time looking at his photo blog. We were very impressed with his work. We later contacted her and scheduled an appointment to meet her in person.

We were apprehensive and nervous at first. We had a few experiences with four other photographers, as well as some other wedding service providers (who are actually gluten free), within the last few weeks. To our surprise, Rick was friendly and easy to talk to. His portfolio and personality encouraged us to hire him.

My fiance and I were looking forward to working with Rick. Out of curiosity, we visited his blog several times after completing the paperwork. We were also excited to see the latest updates on his site. His updates convinced us that we made the right decision.

Rick arrived at our wedding with his assistant. His assistant was laid back and cordial with everyone. Rick did a magnificent job. We will be more than happy to recommend him to anyone who is in need of an excellent photography team.

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How to Relieve Jaw Pain on the Right Side with Diet Changes

Posted by admin on April 14, 2014

jawpainimageMany people experience pain in their jaw, either as a chronic condition or related to other factors. The causes of the pain can vary and some individuals may find that they experience jaw pain on one side only. The treatment options also vary depending on the causation, but one thing that can help at least to some extent with many painful situations is to consider carefully what the person suffering from the pain is eating. An effective method of pain relief can be changing to a soft food diet.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

Pain in right side of the jaw can be due to malfunctions of thetemporomandibular joint (TMJ). This hinge joint can become inflamed and irritated, often due to gum chewing and chewing on hard objects such as breath mints and hard candies. When pain in the right jaw presents because of this, effective treatment relies upon a soft, chewable diet. Refraining from chewing gum and crunching on hard foods will reduce flare ups. For more information here are some great solutions for jaw pain on one side.


When an accident occurs that involves the head the jaw can be badly bruised, dislocated or even broken. Occasionally surgery to the jaw for a number of conditions mimics a trauma. Chewing can be extremely painful. Even with the use of pain and inflammation reducers the pain radiating through the right jaw may indicate a change in diet to include only soft foods. Occasionally the sufferer may need to be on a liquid diet for a time before easy to chew foods can added.


Jaw pain can come from a source few people identify on their own. During sleep they may grind and clench their teeth, tapping and grinding with a lot of tension in the jaw. Treatments include stress management and appliances a dentist can prescribe for night use. The pain can be managed in part by switching to a menu of easily chewed food.

Jaw Arthritis

Joints of the body that receive constant use are always at risk of developing arthritis. Inadditionto seeing a physician for other treatment options, changing to a softer diet will provide comfort and better nutrition.

Dental Problems

Amyriadof reasons can cause jaw pain on one side or the other ranging fromabscesses to gum problems to broken teeth. The pain these conditions cause can be quite debilitating, and while waiting for conventional dental treatment to resolve the problems nutritious meals of liquid and soft foods will be the best tolerated.

Trigeminal Neruralgia

A severely debilitating condition traced to irritation of or trauma to the facial nerves can cause significant pain on the right side of the face and jaw. While medication can be effective, surgery can be indicated in extreme cases. Proper nutrition while managing this acute condition is key, and well tolerated foods will be soft and easy to chew and swallow.

Sinus Problems

Chronic inflammation and infection in the maxillary sinuses can make a person miserable in many ways including irritating the right jaw. The congestion is immediately above the jaw and causes pressure and the pain from the infection radiates into the jaw. During treatment iscriticalto eat well. Concentrating on a diet stressing softer foods will help overall health and pain relief while the sinus condition is managed.



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Gluten-Free Alternatives for Traditional Grains

Posted by admin on August 27, 2013

Many claim that following a gluten-free diet provides them a lot of benefits and makes them feel better.  However, this new trend in the health industry also has some downsides as well due to certain nutrients that this particular diet lacks.

One way of working around this is to educate yourself about substitutes for certain foods so that your body still gets the right stock of nutrients it needs. In this article, we enumerate alternatives for traditional grains such as rye, barley and wheat.

  • Amaranth- a good source of protein, this grain alternative has a nutty flavor and a pleasant peppery taste.

  • Arrowrrot- this is a good alternative to cornstarch because of its similar texture and look.

  • Job’s Tears- this is a tall, tropical plant that produces a gluten-free grain that can be cooked and dried to act as a substitute for rice, barley, or grain.

  • Mesquite- a type of plant that produces bean pods which when dried can be ground and used as flour substitute. It has a sweet and nutty taste with a small hint of molasses on its flavor.

  • Quinoa- this fruit is often used to create pastas and flours.

  • Sorghum- also called milo, this is a gluten-free insoluble fiber with a light color and bland flavor. Due to this, it does not affect the look or taste of foods when used as a cooking substitute for flour.

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